Monday, July 26, 2010

Blackbird fledgling.

There have been blackbirds nesting in the hedgerow in the garden. Over the weekend it appeared the babies have fledged with one of the fledglings taking refuge in the bushes, ivy and other vegetation. Over the summer I’ve spent a lot of time landscaping some of the aging garden the previous owner left behind, reclaiming waste ground and turning it into an excellent seating area. My office space overlooks the garden and right now I can see the fledgling nestling in the ivy that covers the full length of the boundary fence between the neighbour’s garden and my own. Planters aplenty, cottage garden style flower beds and an extended lawn means it’s a haven for the little mite now regularly being fed by the parent birds. It’s a delight to watch.
It’s the second day of post nest nurturing so it’ll be interesting to see how well the guy fares this week. So far the fledgling’s a bit wobbly, can’t gain much height and can only fly horizontally for a few feet. I hope strength and self reliance kicks in soon as last Friday I witnessed the cold, cruel, efficient decimation of a fledgling by a sparrow hawk that left nothing left but a mass of feathers and a beak. Terrible. But that’s life.

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