Saturday, April 10, 2010

A chance to get out there.

Today’s first real spring weather in the UK meant it was time for the season’s first proper hike. I’ve managed a couple of half decent walks but nothing of any great length. I don’t go for huge hikes either, just long enough to make it worth strapping on my favourite pair of walking boots, a pair that’s seen action in some breathtaking corners of the world. Still in good condition with no signs of wearing, the quality makes the initial expense worthwhile. They’ve become like good friends, comforting and reliable when the going gets tough.

For some reason, I decided to take my mobile phone. Often I leave the thing at home so if I fell down a ravine I’d be forced to trust my survival instincts; eat ‘shrooms for a week, suck moisture off moss, wrap my body in leaves to keep warm at night, hope someone would eventually discover me. Erm, not really. Maybe that’s why I decided to take it? Regardless of why I had it in my possession, I was contacted by a client to talk shop. Apologies to them if they wondered why I sounded like I was in the middle of nowhere slightly distracted. I was. C’mon, cut me some slack, it was a Saturday afternoon with the first decent weather we’ve had since the ice age that was winter just gone.

Hopefully, summer will be a good one.

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