Friday, January 29, 2010

House rabbit blues.

Popster, aka Poppy the house rabbit, had stitches removed yesterday. A pointless exercise I thought as she’s already had an op to remove a tumour once before and those stitches dissolved without trouble. Why take her in to be poked again? Right now, the best thing for her is to stay home in familiar surroundings and routine. There’s not knowing how long she’s got before she starts getting ill, especially now another lump's growing. It’s been agreed there’s no more surgery because as fast as the lumps are cut away, they grow back again. All that’s available is palliative care for the little mite and I’m the one administering the medicine. These being anti-inflammatory solutions through the mouth to combat the growths and a periodic injection under the skin with a hypo to ward off infection from an extracted tooth. Now that’s scary, if like me, you’re not a great fan of needles. I have to say, since doing this course of injections, I’m becoming more tolerant of syringes, so there’s something good amidst the gloom.

Since having her loose tooth pulled she’s eating masses of food without any sign of bother. For the past few years she’s had to have a dental op to file down spurs that shoot off at the sides of problem teeth. Now the vet has pulled the loose tooth, the problem’s subsided, so it begs the question why didn’t the vet pull the troublesome tooth ages ago? Whilst not putting the critter into any life threatening danger, I can imagine troublesome teeth are a lucrative income source. My view is, now Poppy’s days are numbered, its all about quality of life and the vet decided to do an overdue extraction. A cynical opinion but it makes business sense, I suppose, if everyone's really being honest. Who knows for sure?

Whatever the reasons for the extraction, its given Poppy a new lease of life, increased her character, appetite and general well being. It’s a real shame that this cloud of cancer hangs over her. I sure hope she makes another spring so she can enjoy the garden before she falls ill, before difficult decisions may have to be faced.

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