Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How do you flip yours?

It’s pancake day again! That means arguments over non stick or stainless steel, to flip or not to flip and if you do, who scrapes the mess from off the ceiling?

Every year I’ve looked forward to having delicious pancakes cooked to perfection, both sweet and savoury. Every year the evening descends into a bitter fiasco that leaves the air filled with a foul lingering stench and the thought that next time, things will have to be different.

This year, it will be different. No burnt mess to scrape off the pan. No pans actually being destroyed. Nothing sticky attached to the ceiling like a crusty barnacle that clings to the underside of a weather beaten ship. No egg yolks tossed in rage to be stuck to clothes or worse, the soles of slippers. No flour thrown in frustration. No threats of violence. Nothing but a civilised, sumptuous feast.

How’s this possible?

I've just discovered readymade pancakes you just heat up, of course.

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