Sunday, May 02, 2010

I’m a Scarecrow Festival Groupie.

Or so it appears. Yep, over the years I’ve become fond of the strange rural custom of decorating your village with sacks stuffed with straw arranged in disturbing positions that resemble human form, in other words, scarecrows. Sounds weird to most living in suburbia I bet but it makes for an entertaining day out to the country if like me, that’s where you’d prefer to live given the chance. If it meant you’d have to contribute to the annual task of creating one of these monstrosities then I’d certainly be up for it. In fact, I’d make three. If it was me making them this year I'd make effigies of those politicians lined up for election next week. Imagine the fun I’d have burning them all? But I digress. Check out the layout of Wray village on this fantastic interactive satellite map of the area some bright spark has made. Complete with clickable scarecrow symbols where you can actually see each of the horrors yourself. Brilliant, if you’re a country fan.

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