Monday, February 01, 2010

Managing recyclables.

Choices of stylish home recycling bins are few when you consider that every local council pushes waste management. Yet how on earth do you go about sorting it on a daily basis without your home becoming a landfill site?

Since completing the new kitchen and dining area I’d prefer its style not marred by tins, bottles, cartons, packets, all battling for prominence on the counter tops. It’s ridiculous. Every day there’s something. I either stuff the waste in a plastic bag hung on a hook or trudge outside to the bins. Not so good in the dark, especially when you visit in the daylight only to discover you’ve tossed a tin into the card bin and a pizza box in the tin bin. Bottles are worse for getting mixed up. I can never pour away the last of the dregs, there’s always something sloshing about down there. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to retrieve ill placed bottles, only to be rewarded with a sickly trickle of something or other down my arm.

No, there has to be something out there that reduces clutter, numerous trips and risk of sticky limbs.

I think I found the solution last week. It’s a brushed stainless steel pedal bin that has the interior divided up into three – general waste, tins and bottles, paper and card. It’s quite bulky but practical and besides, it lives in a discrete cubby-hole. Whilst I decide whether to keep the thing, it would be interesting to hear how some folk keep their living space recyclable material free, without all the aforementioned hassles.

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