Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunny sunflowers simply sprouting.

I almost forgot to mention the sunflowers I’m cultivating. Not everyone’s a fan of sunflowers but I think they’re great fun. They’re so uplifting for many reasons, such as they remind me of Tuscany or the fact that they’re just ridiculous as a flower. Really, think about it, all that energy in growing six feet tall only to end up sprouting a single head. It’s nature’s practical joke. Admittedly, a field of them is a sight to behold, although I’m hardly going to replicate rolling lush Tuscan countryside in my back garden. Last year I managed three plants. I harvested the heads, plucked out the seeds and now I’ve got about twenty healthy seedlings pushing the propagator lid off the window sill. Where I’ll plant them, god knows. If I put them at the rear of the garden alongside the wall, you can guarantee some clown will lop off their heads during a drunken meander home. Put them down the property divide and the neighbours will be complaining about a triffid invasion. Maybe I’ll arrange them right in the middle of the garden, in such a way as when a plane flies overhead, passengers can peer out of windows and see a bright yellow smiley face peering from suburbia. The possibilities are endless.

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