Saturday, October 08, 2011

Preview of Still Water strip.

Below is a scan from the work in progress At the Junction of Flotsam and Jetsam Street, a Still Water graphic novel style strip. Here you can see the first page showing the first few frames. The largest section will have the main title graphics overlaying the foreground lamp with the town in the background and harbour in the distance. You can see how I've begun to focus on the main character. Text elements are to be added in appropriate locations and once complete, along with the illustrations, will tell the story over five pages.

Note how the lower frame has only the right side. This is because during post production, that area will be digitally flipped as a mirror image to complete the left side of the character's face. A time saving device. This method is used discretely throughout to reduce unnecessary work.


Moni Bolis said...

I think it looks amazing

Wayne Blackhurst said...


Gillian McDade said...

Art always amazes me! Probably because I'm rubbish at it. Looks really, really amazing Wayne.

Wayne Blackhurst said...

The finished 5 page strip is being polished. I'll post here soon for you to see, Gillian.