Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Ring Doughnut Monster

Here's the completed piece The Ring Doughnut Monster. It's an illustration I've been doing for pleasure between work commissions.

I first sketched this out in pencil, followed by rendering it all using a technical ink pen with my cross hatching and pointillism technique. Then I scanned it into the computer and digitally enhanced everything in Photoshop using a graphics tablet. Intensive but it gets the results I'm after.

A larger image can be found over on Twitter.

You can appreciate the depth of field better in the larger size. This close up section gives you some idea of the effect:


Gillian McDade said...

Amazing! So much detail and so much time taken to complete such an incredible drawing.

Wayne Blackhurst said...

Thanks, Gillian! It didn't really take all that long. As it was an illustration I did just for fun, I had to keep breaking off to do paid work.