Thursday, August 08, 2013

The latest sneak peek.

There always seems to be something getting in the way from updating this blog. I could be working on interior design layouts for a couple of regular clients in the way of an artist's impression. If it's not that I'm working on getting the attention of agents for my 'real' illustration career. Often I'm working on new ways to get my preferred commissions. Amongst all of this, I'm working on the next illustration just for the sake of it, like this one shown here.
It's number three out of an initial series of four that shows a couple of characters from a story idea for a possible children's book I may do sometime. It also shows my style for any general illustration.
Most of my work is hand rendered on traditional paper using ink pen and the occasional acrylic paint to tidy up corrections and add highlights. I'd say about 90% of any given image is hand rendered.
I then scan the image into the PC and work on it digitally using Photoshop to add various special effects and generally do things you can't do using traditional methods.
The postcard next to the current work in progress is to help with continuity of the characters. I have a notebook next to me to sketch out any ideas that pop into my head as I work. Believe me, some days there's a torrent of stuff and I need to get it out just to stop me from going mad.
Well, madder than I am already.

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